Small Parts

Small Parts

We started our small parts department in 2018 with two high-volume milling machines. Today we have invested in nine more high-volume palletized small parts machines along with an automatic-feed band saw. With these tools, we are capable of shipping thousands of small parts per week.

In 2022, we have grown once more, adding three CNC horizontal lathes with live tooling, with plans to add two more small parts high-precision 5-axis CNC Machines in 2023.

Raw Material

We are thrilled to work with our customers to determine the best course of action for cutting their raw materials. We are set up for using pre-cut material or capable of buying in bulk to cut down costs without compromising quality. For custom orders, we have a small stock of raw material on hand that can be used for projects with a quick turnaround. AMM is able to be an extension of its customers tool-room by stocking their finished parts for ready availability whenever needed.

AMM is capable of machining a variety of materials from hardened tool-steels to softer non-ferrous materials, while holding tolerances sub one-thousandth of an inch. Our small parts division focuses on parts below 2-feet in diameter or square.

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