Here in Athens, we have been manufacturing, designing, and testing tire mold mechanisms since their debut in the tire mold industry in the late 1960’s. From the experience of hand scraping the critical surfaces of a mechanism, we transitioned to precision CNC tools. We have the total capability to design and manufacture any mechanism to fit our customer’s needs. We incorporate the latest in design, materials, and coatings to offer durable, dependable, and simplistic mechanisms. We manufacture all of the mechanism’s components in-house and can proudly state that every part of our mechanisms is made here in the USA.


Once our engineers finalize product drawings, they work with each division within AMM to ensure that every part of the mechanism will be made to their specifications. This encompasses machining, ion nitriding, and metallurgical specifications to ensure that everything is tailored to our customer’s specifications.

Creating everything in-house allows us to monitor every process for quality assurance and to guarantee our customers will receive the best possible product.

Quality Assurance

After the mechanism is finished and assembled, our quality department checks that every part has followed its correct process. We preload every mechanism to ensure proper operation and to set the required step-off to tolerance. During the assembly process, we apply lubrication, and every bolt is tightened to the correct specification, with anti-seize or thread locking, making it ready for the press. After the QA checks, we design custom pallets to ensure that our customers receive their mechanisms the same way that they left our facility.

Additional Services