Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Here in Athens, we have been designing products since 1945.  Over the last 80+ years, we have been constantly evolving and adapting to the changing technology. What had started on our drafting boards has shifted to the latest in CAD technology. We have been working closely with Ohio University’s Engineering department to keep up to date on the current industrial science methods. With a strong full-time staff of engineers and a rotation of interns from Ohio University, we bring a fresh and creative perspective to the manufacturing process.

Product Development

Our engineers design products to meet our customer’s requirements. We take into consideration the most important aspects of our customer’s projects and provide them with one on one communication to ensure that their needs are being fulfilled. We can work with a sketch on a napkin or a general project requirement and will create an easy-to-understand manufacturing-ready project. We can improve any current designs or reverse-engineer any product that is presented to us.

  • Material Specifications
  • Application Requirements/Limitations
  • Tolerances/GD&T
  • Component Requirements


  • Design For Manufacture***
  • Drawings
  • 3D Models
  • Process Sheets
  • Inspection Sheets
  • Stress Analysis / FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
  • Material Selection

Additional Services